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Easier Travel is The Goal

Today’s traveler is looking for ways to make trips go as smoothly as possible.  It isn’t as easy as it once was, especially with the airlines. We’ve seen dramatical changes over the past decade.  Not only with added security, but also with limits on luggage weight and closer quarters aboard many flights.

Yet if the traveler doesn’t go that often, he/she might consider it frivolous to purchase some items that would make the trip more comfortable.  Which is why travel gifts make such a good idea.  So many of the products available today will serve for more than a trip.

Less to Carry

The vest shown here looks incredibly handy for airline travel. Pockets everywhere. 26 of them actually, and one is made with RFID blocking material.  It’s available in four colors, including black.  There is a pocket designed to carry a full size iPad.  Knowing you have your carry on items near to your body and secure, free arms and hands since you needn’t carry everything.  I bet many would to wear this instead of carrying a backpack or a bulky case. You can read more about it here.

Need Some Alone Time Amidst The Crowd?

A set of headphones, for example, can be used on a flight, in a car, or at home.   Wherever they are used, they will provide an escape from the noise.  Imagine how nice it would be to shut out the noise outside, then allow your favorite music to fill your mind.  Alone time in the middle of an airport or plane–that can be precious.

So many carry around neck pillows for their fights today.  A good idea too.  If you have trouble relaxing and/or sleeping on a plane or train, a pillow can help immensely.  Ear plugs and a sleep mask too may help lull you to sleep when needed.

Container Size Limited

The new requirements for smaller containers that you can keep as carry-on creates problems too sometimes.  To solve that problem you can purchase a little set of containers that are the correct size.  One less worry.  Then it’s easy to keep bigger containers in a bag like the one pictured below.  Spaced out evenly, it lays quite flat in your suitcase.  It’s waterproof, folds in half for packing, then has a hanger for convenience when you get to your hotel.

Security for Yourself

Perhaps the most important concern is security.  Not only for the airport and flights, but also for each traveler personally.  Watching your luggage, keeping your wallet, passport, and money secure, are things we must consider these days.

One of the issues faced today concerns the RFID chips (radio frequency chips) that are built into credit cards and passports.  Since those chips may contain personal information such as address and social security, it appears to be a target for technology thieves, especially in places like a bustling airport.

You will find simple credit card covers and practical neck wallets like the one pictured above that contain blocking material to protect against anyone who might try to read your card.  That actually seems like a good idea to use all the time to protect yourself.

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