May the Fourth be With You: Recipes

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Star Wars recipes!

May 4th is Star Wars Day and JAQUO writer Cheryl has put together a selection of recipes especially to celebrate this day. And oh boy, are they out of this world!


Smoothies from the Star Wars Cookbook

May the force of baking be with you in the kitchen! I was looking for an adventurous cookbook and stumbled across this Star Wars Cookbook. I was like I gotta have it. It looked so fun when I read the reviews about it. I thought my other half would get a kick out of it since he’s into Star Wars; even my boys! So I ordered it! It’s a hoot with all the silly pictures of the characters with food and drinks. It is a nice spiral…



Hoth Chocolate from the Star Wars Cookbook

Hot chocolate recipe: Star Wars. Star Wars Drink Make a Star Wars hot drink on a rainy, chilly and wet day to warm you up. At least that’s what the rebellions that are hidden on Echo Base are thinking. It’s cold on ice planet of Hoth! They want to warm up with a nice chocolaty drink. Ok I bet you’re wondering where I came up with this? I have this really cool Star Wars Cookbook. It has really fun recipes in it and…



Galaxy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Galaxy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Recipe. A fun specialty sandwich from my Star Wars Cookbook is a Galaxy Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Now this isn’t your average plain jane grilled cheese sandwich. I has pickles on it. I like pickles but wasn’t sure of them grilled with cheese but to my surprise it was super tasty after I made and tried them. It’s just basically making your grilled cheese sandwiches as you normally do…


Want more? Here’s the Star Wars Cookbook

 The Star Wars Cook Book: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes



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  1. I almost bought the star wars cook book for my husband one year. Galaxy Grilled cheese sounds good to me, and I bet my son would like Hoth Chocolate. Not sure if there is anything in there my picky husband would eat, but he’d love the images.

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