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Let the Baking Begin!

Are you ready to bake?  With all the holidays to choose from, I am usually ready to bake all year round.  Easter, definitely.  I love decorating with pastel colors for the Easter season.  Christmas means bright colors with plenty of red and green.  For Independence Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day, red white and blue is appropriate.

Whatever the season, I am so in the mood to bake. It’s a lovely way to relax and satisfy the family’s sweet tooth at the same time.  It’s always a kick to have the kids help too.  Good practice for them!

Make a special Easter dessert with one of these great sets

The idea of making a cake in one of these cute oval shaped pans, then using your favorite colored frosting, sounds like so much fun. And the decorations you can put on them! Sprinkles? Flowers made from frosting? Any would look so adorable.

I already have cookie recipes selected that it seems are in demand for every get together. Pecan Balls and Ginger Cookies, and maybe one more, something new. Baking gets us in the mood for the holidays. The baking part sounds more fun than cooking the family dinner.

The smaller oval shaped silicone pans would make darling mini-cakes too. Kids any age would love that. If you have time, you could even let them decorate their own.

I’m ready to get started right now. Are you feeling the same way?

 Freshware Silicone Mold and Baking Pans

The newer silicone baking pans have become so popular, and you can see why.  It’s so easy to pop out whatever you have baked.  They are safe for use in the microwave, the oven, the freezer, and the dishwasher.  Plus you needn’t use baking tins.  Easy to use and easy to clean.  Altogether a great product.

If you don’t want to bake a full cake, try one of these. Sometimes little bites taste even better. Oval shaped cakes with bright frosting. The baked cake pops right out too. I use the muffin style as well and just love it. Once you try the silicone it’s hard to go back to the aluminum variety.  I use my silicone muffin pans for cupcakes, brownie bites, and even little mini quiches.


Silicone in a Half Egg Shape 

This pan is great for baking, but you can see from the photo at the top of this article, it’s also fun for custard or other molded desserts. It’s similar to the mold above, but it’s rounded on the bottom. Fun!


Perfect Cake Baking Set —  Which sounds best to you?

I’m trying to decide on one of these sets for myself. Seeing the varying sizes in a set of four, it’s tempting to make a stacking cake in oval shapes. These could be used for the holidays, then right on to Easter. The set of flower pans would make a charming cake too, decorated with colorful, pastel frosting.

Wilton’s Oval Pan Set of 4

These look like so much fun! It would be fun to stack the cakes two or three or four high, with colorful spring colored frosting and decorations. I am leaning toward this set, since you can make one large one or four different sizes.


Wilton’s 4 Piece Petal Pan Set

Flower shaped would be fun all year long. You can make any one of the layers or make all four for a spectacular, appealing party dessert. Frost and decorate the petals in different colors. Think how cute that would look!


Can you decide?

I’m voting for both!

I can’t decide between a big oval cake or the adorable mini ones, so I may have to get both. Thankfully I can take what I bake to Mom’s home to share the wealth. Otherwise I might be tempted to eat them all myself.

The oval shapes can really be used anytime. They will look cute decorated with red and green to look like ornaments for Christmas.   How about orange,  decorated to look like squat little pumpkins for Halloween?  What good excuses to bake something festive.

The molds are handy to have for custards and gelatin dishes as well.  Even individual cheesecakes would look adorable.

There. It’s fully justified. Now to pick the recipes.

Silicone shapes for all occasions

Specialty shapes are available, similar to the oval egg shape so appropriate for Easter. You can get hearts for Valentine’s Day (or any day you want to share your love in the form of a heart), Christmas trees for Christmas baking, or stick with basic rectangles that can be decorated to look like a wrapped present, or anything else.




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