The Lewis N. Clark Mini Cross-Body Bag

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Lewis N. Clark Does It Again

When my mini cross-body purse arrived today, I couldn’t wait to unpack it. I’d been looking for a smaller sized purse that would hold all I need, yet would be easy and light to carry.

As you can see in the video below, the Lewis N. Clark mini cross-body bag is nylon, ideal for travel because it is lightweight. Perhaps as important these days, it offers RFID protection for your credit cards. Of course that is important any time you are out and about, from shopping to any other public place.

I was pleased to see how attractive it is and how handy. I kept going back to look at it and check it out, every time I finding a new compartment. Now I am certain I’ll be using it regularly, not only when traveling. Besides the center section, it has three outside zippered spaces: One for your RFID protected credit cards and drivers license. The other two are good sized, useful for so much.  The bag is available in black or  this pretty shade of deep teal.

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Size wise it is just right. The actual measurements are 10″ x 1.5″ x 9.5″. Since measurements don’t always give you the true idea of size, I was anxious to see it in person. It’s ideal. There is room for a wallet, but personally, I like the zip compartment with the slots. Years ago, I tired of carrying around so many cards, so I thinned them down to the essentials. Few of us need to carry a dozen cards with us when we are away from home. Do you do the same, removing all but the essentials before leaving?

There is room for a number of cards, a passport, and so on. My eReader fits easily, either in the outside flap or inside the bag. That outside flap has zippers on both sides for more divided storage.

Inside the main section is a big, deep zip compartment—again, large enough that it holds a Kindle. Whether you use it for money, change, or miscellaneous, it is very spacious. On the other side of the section are two pockets, for phone and whatever. It has lots of pockets and dividers, even a clip for your keys!

Carrying a large bag or purse can strain on your back and shoulders. This one is easy to handle, light to carry, and includes a strap long enough to wear it cross-body—more secure and out of the way. It won’t slide off your shoulder, yet offers plenty of space to carry more than just the necessities.

High Quality, Long Lasting

Lewis N. Clark has an excellent reputation for their products. You will find a wonderful variety of products to choose from, many including the RFID protection. If you want an attractive and effective way to protect your credit card information, be sure to check out this bag and the others on their site.

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  1. I will have to show this bag to my mom to see if it is something she would like. I like how it crosses the body. Not sure if it will help mom or hinder her.

  2. I love carrying a smaller bag and this one looks perfect. Love the teal color!

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