The Lewis N. Clark Waterproof Magnetic Pouch

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Lewis N. Clark Waterseals Magnetic Self-Sealing Waterproof Pouch

A “Must Have” to Protect Your Phone From The Elements

Summer is coming! Prepare now! If you enjoy the outdoors, you will appreciate this handy and effective waterproof case.

Camping, biking, hiking? Those are each occasions where your phone might get wet. Going to the beach or for a swim? Between the sand and the water, this should be an essential.

The case works incredibly well. With its double magnetic strip that completely seals the opening, it will protect your phone.  The top magnet folds up and opens to insert your phone.

Today we usually feel we can’t be without our phones. Yet it puts them at risk of damage when we are using them outdoors in all the different conditions.

Easy to Use While in The Pouch

Photo taken from inside the pouch

With the case covering my iPhone, I had no trouble emailing, texting, reading an ebook with my Kindle app, and playing games.

The Lewis N. Clark case works in up to 100 feet of water. Very cool to be able to take up underwater for photos, don’t you think?  While it is a bit cool yet to be swimming here to take any underwater photos, it was easy to photograph through the case.

You can see the examples here taken in the very bright sunshine (which has been a rarity here in Oregon lately.

Photo taken without the pouch

It offers wonderful dry safety at a low cost. A strap is included too, for those outings.

Nice, right? A great way to take your phone into most circumstances without concern for the damage that could easily occur.

You’ll Want More Than One

It’s going on my gift list for family and friends both.  Between bicycling, hiking, camping, fishing, and sunbathing, most everyone has a need for one.  Spring will be here before you know it.  Until then, we have the rain, snow, walks on the beach, etc., where it comes in so handy.

You can see how comparable the photos are below.  The top is in the pouch, the bottom is without it.


Pick Your Size

The pouch is available in several sizes.  Put in your phone, your camera, your e-reader, your keys, and use the strap around your neck.  Hands-free and super dry.  I am so impressed with it.  Every time I’ve gotten a product from Lewis N. Clark, that is true.  Each item is well made and carefully thought out to provide what you need.

For instance, I recently received a mini cross body bag that has RFID protection built in… Talk about convenient.  Check it out here.

Be sure to stop by the Lewis N. Clark website to see all of their products. You will be pleased!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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