Trust your Eyes, Another Hit for Linwood Barclay

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Trust your Eyes, Another Hit for Linwood Barclay

Recently Linwood Barclay has become one of my favorite new authors. New to me, that is. The book, Trust your Eyes, is the one that started it all. The description of the book caught my eye. “a map obsessed schizophrenic” who rarely leaves his bedroom witnesses what he thinks is a murder.

Naturally, with that twist, I had to read it. I enjoyed it so much! Part of the fun of Mr. Barclay’s novels is his unique approach. In the books I’ve read, he doesn’t write from the perspective of the police or official investigators. Instead he takes the average person, and draws him into a murder plot that up ends his ordinary life in frightening circumstances

In this particular book, the brother of the schizophrenic is adjusting to caring for his brother after their father’s recent death. When he learns that his brother saw a murder committed on one of his mapping excursions, he doesn’t take it very seriously. After all, this is the same brother who claims to be getting phone calls from Bill Clinton and the CIA. When he does agree to check it out, if only to settle his brother, what he finds startles him and endangers them both. From then on it’s a struggle to protect his brother and stay ahead of those who would silence them.

It was remarkably hard to stop listening to this well spun tale. It was one of those times I was glad I got the audio version instead of the book. That way I could continue to listen while I drove, shopped, and cleaned!

If you haven’t read any of Linwood Barclay’s books, I recommend you start with this one. His handling of the schizophrenia, the caregiving is well done. And the story itself may having you look in the windows that you pass from here out.

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Here are two other novels written by Mr. Barclay. The Accident is one of my favorites. You can read my review of it here . The second book, A Tap on the Window, is one of this latest, and next on my list to read. I hope you give this author a try. You will be delighted by the variety and quality of his books.









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