Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day

2015-02-13_0929What do you think about Valentine’s Day?

Do you look forward to chocolates, gifts and romance? Or do you think is a commercialised holiday?

Whatever your opinion, you’ll find plenty to do, read, watch (and eat) right here.

We have some lovely recipes that are perfect for any time of year, not just for Valentine’s Day.

How about some travel ideas or romantic books to read?

Scroll down and see what our writers recommend for you.



 Strawberry Pink Camouflage Cake

Strawberry Pink Camouflage Cake Make a fun pink camouflage cake topped with strawberries for Valentines Day! I’ve never made a cake like this or a layered cake before so it was a new experience for me. It was different making the camouflage design but fun. I dropped each color of batter by spoonfuls into the pan. It looked really cool. Wait til you see the photos in the instructions. Tools you’ll need: Large mixing bowl…






Valentine’s Day; A Girl’s Top 5 Movie Wishlist


Valentine’s Day; A Girl’s Top 5 Movie Wishlist With Valentine’s Day just around the corner what is on your wishlist? Most girls are looking for romance on Valentine’s Day so this year I have compiled a list of a girl’s favorite movie wishlist. that ooze romance. These movie selections will fit the category of the best romantic chick flicks. If you have a favorite romantic movie and don’t see it on…




Chocolate-cake-240x240Chocolate Cake For Lovers

Chocolate Cake For Lovers Just Enough For Two This Valentine’s Day make a Chocolate Cake for Lovers for your Valentine. Chocolate cake is a favorite of almost everybody, and this one is moist, delicious and just the right size; one layer. This cake is homemade, not a cake mix, but don’t panic. It’s so simple to make and following the directions it’s fail proof. The fun part comes once you’ve baked and…







 Giant Heart Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie

Giant Heart Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie I made this giant heart cookie for the first time believe it not. I’m impressed it came out really great. It’s even kind of healthy; it’s gluten free. It’s a Pillsbury brand package that was given to me. Not often I get those because I like to make cookies from scratch. It sure made it easy though to make! Spray your heart pan with a cooking spray. Just take dough out…







 Valentine Things To Make And Do Is A Lovely Craft Book For Kids

Valentine Things To Make And Do Is A Lovely Craft Book For Kids Valentine Things To Make And Do is my families most loved Valentine craft book ever! With 17 fun and easy Valentine things to make and do using the most basic of craft supplies, I have never been short on ideas for doing Valentine crafts with my kids or making last minute gifts. The crafts are easy for kids of all ages to do and are fun for adults too. I have even used a..






 Up In The Air For Valentine’s Day

Up In The Air For Valentine’s Day Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? February 14th is here before many of us know it and you’ll be scrambling around, looking for a gift at the last minute. You’ll probably pick up some chocolates, or some flowers, or maybe even a piece of jewelry. Maybe you plan to propose on Valentine’s Day. Or maybe you just plain have no idea what to do for someone who makes your heart…






Valentine Ideas: Unusual & Romantic London Restaurants

Valentine Ideas: Unusual & Romantic London Restaurants Valentines’ Day is very special is the day for romance. We all love to put aside this special evening to be with the person we love – no one else will do. The history of Valentine goes back centuries, and people used to believe that it was in February because that was the start of bird’s mating season – how very romantic. It is a great holiday that many people look forward to…






Plan a spa weekend – at home

How to have a luxury spa weekend at home Spas are incredibly popular today. Some people love going to day spas to be completely pampered but the ultimate luxury is spending the weekend at a magnificent spa resort where your only goal is to be pampered and to relax. The problem is that this can be terrifically expensive. But with a few careful purchases and a little planning, you can enjoy a luxury weekend at home. Planning is the key….







3 Romantic Suspense Authors Who Will Keep You Reading

3 Romantic Suspense Authors Who Will Keep You Reading A dramatic, suspenseful novel is a favorite form of entertainment to me. It’s a pleasure to get lost in the tension, to be on the edge of my seat anxious to find out what will happen on the next pages. Suspense, thrillers, crime fiction, mysteries…all among my favorites. Sometimes it is nice to catch your breath with a little romance added in to the mystery. When looking for a good…






 Valentine’s Day, or So They Say

Valentine’s Day, or So They Say   When, again, is St. Valentine’s day? February 14, right? Yes … and no. Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14, July 6, July 30 and June 12. Why so many days on which this holiday is observed? Valentine was a popular name within religious circles back in the days of the Romans. The beginning of this holiday was a liturgical celebration for one or more saints named Valentinus. The Anglicans…






 Still Time to Plan a Romantic Escape!

Still Time to Plan a Romantic Escape! It is always a good time to take your mate away for a few days. Sometimes it’s to be alone without the kids, sometimes to get away from work, but as often it is just nice to be somewhere other than home, a special treat, where you can simply enjoy each other’s company and refresh. Of course weather is a consideration in many areas, but even then there is fun and adventure to be found for a unique…







King Edward VII: The King in Love

The King in Love: By Theo Aronson Edward, the eldest son of Queen Victoria, had to wait until he was sixty to become the king. Before he did, and when he was the Prince of Wales, there was a danger that he would be under-occupied. Unlike today’s royal family, there were no overseas tour to undertake, no media to satisfy and no supermarkets to open. To Edward’s discomfort, his mother the queen wouldn’t allow his…






 Royal proposal: William and Catherine

How did Prince William propose to Kate Middleton? William and Catherine were secure in their relationship. It had survived a great deal and William was not sure that Catherine was the girl for him. But before he proposed, there were two important issues to sort out first. The first was, like all members of the royal family, he had to get permission to marry from his granny – or as we know her, Queen Elizabeth II. She queen had…














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Author: Jackie Jackson

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