Today in history: December

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What happened on this day in December?


Jaco Pastorious born 1951
Lou Rawls born 1933
Woody Allen born 1935
Richard Prior born 1940
Margaret Whigham born 1912


MariaCallas born 1923
Desi Arnaz died 1986

Today in history december


Agatha Christie disappeared 1926
Oswald Mosley died 1980
Ozzy Osbourne born 1948
Charles Pillsbury born 1842 purchased 2014
Princess Victoria died 1935
Renoir died 1919


Bert Lahr died 1967
Mary Celeste found 1872
Deanna Durbin born 1921
Max Baer Jr born 1937
Frank Zappa died 1993


Arnold Hardy died 2007
Nelson Mandela died 2013
Walt Disney born 1901
Sloppy Joe’s opened in Key West 1933
Flight 19 disappeared 1945
Princess Alice of Battenberg died 1969


Agnes Moorehead born 1900
Ira Gershwin born 1896
Dave Brubeck born 1920
Keke Rosberg born 1948
Susie Wolff born 1982
Roy Orbison died 1988


Winecoff Fire 1946
Pearl Harbour 1941


Bill Bryson born 1951
Antonio Carlos Jobim died 1994
John Lennon died 1980
Dorothy Kilgallen died 1965
JAQUO launched 2015
Mary, Queen of Scots born 1542
Charles Lightoller died 1952


Judi Dench born 1934
Nando Parrado born 1949
Margaret Hamilton born 1902


Otis Redding died 1967
Dorothy Lamour born 1914
Dan Blocker born 1928


Edward VIII abdicated
Carlo Ponti born 1912
Rita Moreno born 1931
Christina Onassis born 1950
Sam Cooke died 1964
Willie Rushton died 1996
Ravi Shankar died 2012


Frank Sinatra born 1915
Edvard Munch born 1863
J. Bruce Ismay born 1862


Taylor Swift born 1989
David Bowie‘s Golden Years released 1975
Dick van Dyke born 1925


Reg Spiers born 1941
Jane Birkin born 1946
King George VI born 1895
Prince Albert died 1861
Alan Kulwicki born 1954


Joan Fontaine died 2013
Helle Nice born 1900
Fats Waller died 1943
Glenn Miller disappeared 1944
Ray Eames born 1912
Gustav Eiffel born 1870


Thelma Todd died 1935
Jane Austen born 1775
Catherine of Aragon born 1485
Rasputin murdered 1916
Noel Coward born 1899
Colin Chapman died 1982


Paul Tracy born 1968
Ryan Hinter-Reay born 1980
Great Fire of New York 1835
Munich C-131 crash 1960


New York air crash 1960
John Alcock died 1919
Death Penalty abolished in the UK 1969
Keith Richards born 1943
Lord Lucan born 1934


Josephine Earp died 1944
JMW Turner died 1851
Dorelia John born 1881
Edith Piaf born 1915


Maria Elena Holly born 1932
Prince George born 1902
Elizabeth II became the oldest UK monarch 2007


Daniel Suarez born 1964
Elton John married David Furnish 2014
Keifer Sutherland born 1966
Snow White premiered 1937
Prince Harry baptised 1984
Maud Gonne born 1866


Butterfly McQueen born 1874
Beatrix Potter died 1943
Joe Strummer died 2002
Joe Cocker died 2014


Harry Oakes born 1874
Chet Baker born 1929
Bertrand Gachot born 1962
Kiki Preston died 1946
Charles Atlas died 1973


Empress Elisabeth born 1837
Blanche Barrow died 1988


Evelyn Nesbit born 1884
Dean Martin died 1995
Jimmy Buffett born 1946
James Brown died 2006
Cab Calloway born 1907


Adrian Newey born 1958


Marlene Dietrich born 1901
Helene Stanley died 1990
Fanny Cradock died 1994


John D MacDonald died 1986
Maggie Smith born 1934


Pamela Mitford married Derek Jackson 1936
Charles Goodyear born 1900


Maureen Cox died 1994
George Harrison attacked 1999
Paul Stookey born 1937
Battle of Wakefield 1460


Roberto Clemente died 1972
Malcolm Campbell died 1948
Ben Kingsley born 1943




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