Today in history: August

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What happened on this day in August?


Riot Act established 1714
Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen 1774
Niki Lauda crash 1976

Today in history April2nd

First skating rink opened in the UK 1875
Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany 1934
Star Dust disappeared 1947
Cilla Black died 2015


Record high temperatures in the UK 1990
Enid Lindeman married Lord Furness 1933


Elizabeth Bowes Lyon born 1900
Jeanne Calment died 1997
Dennis Lehane born 1965
Maureen Cox born 1946
Britain declared war against Germany 1939


Joseph Merrick born 1862
Roger Clark born 1939
Marilyn Monroe found dead 1962
Neil Armstrong born 1930
Zeppelin shot down over Great Yarmouth 1918
George Cole died 2015


Iseutt Gonne born 1894
Hiroshima 1945
Lucille Ball born 1911


Tom Neal died 1972
Rosemary Smith born 1937
Joseph Jacquard died 1836
Frances Kelsey died 2015


Unity Mitford born 1914
Great Train Robbery 1963
Cannonball Adderley died 1975
Florida’s Nazi invaders ¬†executed 1942
Nigel Mansell born 1953
Dustin Hoffman born 1937


Eileen Gray born 1878
Sharon Tate murdered 1969
Rosemary Leveson Gower born 1893
Jackie Cochran died 1980


Eddie Fisher born 1920
Leo Fender born 1909
Grace O’Malley born 1530


Diana Mitford died 2003
Jon Cleary born 1962


Charlie Wilson escaped from jail 1964
Lauren Bacall died 2014
First Model T Ford sold 1908
Joe Kennedy Jr. died 1944
George Stephenson died 1848


Alfred Hitchcock born 1899
Last people hanged in the UK 1964
Madhur Jaffrey born 1933
Bonnie and Clyde movie premiered
David Crosby born 1941
Gwynne & Evans hanged 1964


End of WW2 1945
Ed Harcourt born 1977
David Crosby born 1941


Princess Anne born 1950
Walter Crane born 1845


Frank Stranahan married Ivy Cromartie 1900
Elvis died 1977
Bernarr McFadden born 1868
Ivan Vaughan died 1993


Horace Alderman exectuted 1929
Mae West born 1893
Ted Hughes born 1930


The first day of the Pendle Witch Trials 1612
Robert Clemente born 1934
If I Had a Hammer released 1962


First race at Indianapolis 1909
Ginger Baker born 1939
Charles Hires born 1851
John Wesley Hardin died 1895
Coco Chanel born 1883
Gustav Guillebotte born 1848


James Rollins born 1961


Lady Mary Montague Wortley died 1762
Frank Stranahan born 1864
Mike Candys born 1981
Princess Margaret born 1930
Roy James died 1997


The birth of the Red Cross 1864
Ray Bradbury born 1920
Ellen Church died 1965


Keith Moon born 1946
Squidygate 1992
Cynthia married John Lennon 1962
Thelma Furness born 1904
Rudolph Valentino died 1926
Sheila van Damm died 1987
Didier Pironi died 1987


Stephen Fry born 1957
Theodore Hook died 1841
Hurricane Andrew 1992


Great Moon Hoax 1835
Lady Catherine Grey born 1540
Prince George died 1942
Neil Armstrong died 2012
Jeff Tweedy born 1967


Charles Lindbergh died 1974
National Parks Service formed 1916


Ira Levin born 1929
Brian Epstein died 1967
Mark Webber born 1976
Barbara Bach born 1947
Tarzan of the Apes published 1912
Angel of Mons 1914
Barbara Bach born 1947
Charles Frederick Ingalls died 1876


Louis le Prince born 1841
Charles and Diana divorced 1986
Valttieri Bottas born


James Hunt born 1947
Katrina hit New Orleans 2005
Nancy Kulp born 1921
Ingrid Bergman born 1915


Ivy Stranahan died 1971
Hey Jude released 1968
Abraham Zapruder died 1970
Ted Williams born 1918
Abram Wilson born 1973


Sinatra recorded All or Nothing at All 1939
Lady Anne Savile died 1927


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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