Today in history: February

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What happened on this day in February?


Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction 2004
Clark Gable born 1901
Lettice Curtis b 1915


Nathan Lane born 1956
Gisele Pascal died 2007
Arnold Hardy born 1922
Lux Interior died 2009
Robinson Crusoe rescued 1709


Today in history January


Buddy Holly died 1959
Three parent bill passed 2015
Nancy Kulp died 1991
Norman Rockwell born 1894
Lord Lucan declared dead 2016


Liberace died 1987
Charles Lindberg born 1920


Michael Sheen born 1969
Tom Wilkinson born 1948
Charles: The Heart of a King published 2015
Peg Entwistle born 1908
Jean Paul Getty III died 2011


Bob Marley born 1945
George VI died 1952
Busby Babes air crash
Isabella Beeton died 1865
Alberta Vickridge born 1890


Pete Postlethwaite born 1946
Beatles arrived in the USA 1964
Gladys Deacon born 1881
Elsie Frost born 1951


Mary Queen of Scots executed 1587
John Fairfax died 2012
James Dean born 1931
Lana Turner born 1921
Jules Verne born 1828
John Grisham born 1955
Dale Earnhardt died 2001


Mia Farrow born 1945
Carole King born 1942


Judith Anderson born 1897
Victoria and Albert married 1840
Announcement that Charles & Camilla would marry 2005
Robert Wagner born 1930
Erik Rhodes born 1906
Princess Margaret died 2002
Arthur Miller died 2005
Traudl Junge died 2005
Shirley Temple died 2014


Beatles recorded Please Please Me
Gypsy Rose Lee born 1911


Charles Darwin born 1809
Lily Langtry died 1929
Anna Pavlova born 1881
Zoran Music born 1909
Sal Mineo murdered 1976


Captain Cook killed 1779
Kim Novak born 1933
Verner Panton born 1926
Katie Hopkins born 1975
Bruno Haupmann found guilty 1935
Final Peanuts comic strip 2000


PG Wodehouse died 1975
Ricardo Rodriguez born 1942
The Importance of Being Earnest debut 1895
The Who released Live at Leeds 1970
Margaritaville released 1977


Graham Hill born 1929
Britain’s currency went decimal 1971
Ernest Shackleton born
Leitzel died 1931
Richard Blanco born 1968
FDR assassination attempt 1933


Back Blast poublished 2016
Christopher Ecclestone born 1964


Tom Keating died 1984
Isabelle Eberhardt born 1877
Erik Rhodes died 1990
Prince Philip’s letter to Diana sold 2015


Yoko Ono born 1933
Enzo Ferrari born 1898
Frances Osborne born 1969
Nerissa Bowes Lyon born 1919
Fabio born 2000
Bill Cullen born 1920


Gwen Taylor born 1939
Ray Winstone born 1957
Karen Silkwood born 1946


Mary Garden born 1887
Jimmy Greaves born 1940
Kathleen Kennedy born 1920
Kurt Cobain born 1967
Roland West born 1885
Derek Jackson died 1982
Poison Ivy born 1953
Alberta Vickridge died 1963


Jean Calment born 1875
Gustav Cailbotte died 1894


Niki Lauda born 1949
Kenneth Williams born 1926
Dripping Riots 1965
Nina Simone born 1933
Alice de Janze married Raymund de Trafford 1932
FW Woolworth opened first store 1878
Marni Nixon born 1930


He’s So Fine released 1963
George Harrison court case 1976
Katherine Bowes Lyon died 2014
LS Lowry died 1976

Alain Prost born 1955
Ivy Stranahan born 1881
Charles and Diana engagement announced 1981
Physical Graffiti released 1975

Mark Rothko died 1970
George Harrison born 1943
Cassius Clay crowned world champion
Monica Proietti born 1940
Fire hydrant patented 1902


Fanny Craddock born 1909
Lionel Logue born 1880
Ringo said Paul was dead 2015
Slim Gaillard died 1991
Idina Sackville born 1893
Johnny Cash born 1932
Murder at the Miami Grand Prix

Lawrence Durrell born 1912
Timothy Spall born 1957
Leonard Nimoy died 2015
Franchot Tone born 1905
Elizabeth Taylor born 1932


Bruce Reynolds died 2013
Mario Andretti born 1940
Dord discovered 1939
Pablo Fanque born 1796


James Ogilvy born 1964


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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