Today in history: June

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What happened on this day in June?

Clock face1st

Sgt Pepper album released 1967
Nissan Motor Company founded 1934
Crete falls to Germany 1941
Helen Keller died 1968
Marilyn Monroe born 1926
Germany launched the first Zeppelin raid against England 1915
She’s Leaving Home released 1967


The Ways of the World published 2015
Reg Spiers sentenced to death 1987
Queen Elizabeth II crowned 1953
Peter Sutcliffe born 1946
Wallace Hartley born 1878
Bruce McLaren died 1907
English football clubs banned from Europe 1985
Johnny Weissmuller born 1904
Josephine Earp born 1860


Dunkirk evacuation 1940
Edward and Mrs Simpson married 1937
Penelope Wilton born 1946
Josephine Baker born 1906
Tony Curtis born 1925
Suzi Quatro born 1950
Franz Kafka died 1924


Amy Robsart married Robert Dudley 1550
Mrs Miniver released 1942
Angelina Jolie born  1975
Hot air balloon demonstrated by Montgolfier Brothers 1783
First shopping cart introduced 1939Jane Kelly born 1946


John Profumo resigned 1963
Duke of Windsor buried 1972
Robert Kennedy assassinated 1968
Ronald Reagan died 2004
Ray Bradbury died 2012
Lord Kitchener died 1916
Patti Smith‘s first recording 1974


Anne Bancroft died 2005
D Day 1944
First drive-in movie theatre opened
Melissa Drexler gave birth 1978
1984 published 1949
YMCA founded 1844
Chrysler Corporation formed 1925
Jack Haley died 1979
Magda Gabor died 1997


Dean Martin born 1917
George VI visited America 1939
Jean Harlow died 1937
Tom Jones born 1940
Reginald Warneford shot down zeppelin 1915
Claudette Orbison died 1966


Tim Berners Lee born 1955
Ghostbusters released
Brian Jones left the Rolling Stones
Frank Lloyd Wright born 1867
Joan Rivers born 1933
DeAutremont twins arrested 1927
Nancy Sinatra born 1940
Mick Hucknall born 1060
Paul Gaugin born 1848


Victoria Woodhull died 1929
Don Blanding died 1957
‘Cars’ released 2006
Patricia Cornwell born 1956
Cole Porter born 1891
Louis de Rougemont died 1921
Johnny Ace born 1929
Abram Wilson died 2012


Prince Philip born
Clyde Beatty born 1903
First Oxford Cambridge boat race
Italy declared war against Britain 1940
Jack Johnson died 1946
Judy Garland born 1922
A Hard Days Night released 1964
Gaudi died 1926


John Wayne died 1979
Le Mans disaster 1955
Jackie Stewart born 1939
Hugh Laurie born 1959
Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon 1509
ET released 1982
Magda Gabor born 1915


Eamonn Walker born 1962
Nelson Mandela sentenced 1962
Tess Gerritsen born 1953
Nicole Brown Simpson murdered
Gregory Peck died 2003
Cleopatra movie premiered 1963
Raiders of the Lost Ark opened 1981
Anne Frank born 1929
The Beatles received MBEs 1965
Honesty Shop burgled 2015
House of the Future opened 1957


Queen Elizabeth shot at during the Trooping of the Colour 1981
First car race.Paris 1895
Lolita movie released 1962
Dorothy Sayers born 1893
Safety pin patented 1825
First prisoners arrived at Auschwitz 1940
Henry Segrave died 10930


German troops enter Paris 1940
Flight 847 hijacked 1985
Harriet Beecher Stowe born 1811
Diana Mitford born 1910
Burl Ives born 1909


Demis Roussos born 1946
Alcock and Brown‘s flight 1919
Ella Fitzgerald died 1996
Nik Wallenda crossed the Niagara 2012
King John signed the Magna Carta 1215
James Hunt died 1933
Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli married 1945
Stanley Moore died 2015
Christine Granville died 1952


Diana book published 1992
Ottoline Morrell born 1873
Ford Motor Company incorporated 1903
Charlie Chaplin married Oona O’Neill 1943
Michael Llewelyn Davies born 1900
Florida invaded by Nazis 1942


Diana Mitford born 1910
Cyd Charisse died 2008
Reginald Warneford born 1916
Stephanie Hoffnung arrested 1942
Stature of Liberty arrived at New Yorj Harbour


Paul McCartney born 1942
Norman Conquests premiered 1973


Wallis Simpson born 1896
Vince Flynn died 2013
Group Captain Peter Townsend died 1995
US Grand Prix 2005
George V changed royal surname 1917
Charles Joseph Staniland born 1838


Robert Crais born 1953
Jaws released 1975
Bugsy Siegel killed 1947
Solar energy system installed at the White House 1979


Prince William born 1982
Ruth Ellis found guilty 1953
Mr Tambourine Man released 1965


Fred Astaire died 1987
George V crowned 1911
Prunella Scales born 1932
George Carlin died 2008
Princess Cecilie born 1911
Judy Garland died 1969


Wilson B Hickox poisoned 1927
Nik Wallenda crossed the Grand Canyon
Duke of Windsor born 1894
Mercedes registered as a brand name 1902
Batman movie released 1989
Someone Saved My Life Tonight released 1975
Derek Jackson born 1906
Peter Falk died


Robert Dudley born 1532
Lawrence Block born 1939
Jacqueline Bouvier and JFK announce engagement 1953


Peter Blake born 1932
John Christie sentenced 1953
Michael Jackson died 2009
Louis Mountbatten born 1900
Gaudi born 1852
George Orwell born 1903


The Ghost and Mrs Muir released 1947
Nora Ephron died 2012
Colonel Tom Parker born 1909


JFK visited Ireland 1963
Nico Rosberg born
Lucy Pawle saw ISIS flag in London 2015


Queen Victoria crowned 1834
Mel Brooks born 1926
Stan Barstow born 1928
Archduke Ferdinand assassinated 1914


Lana Turner died 1995
Globe Theatre burned down 1613
iPhone released 2007
Murder at Red Hill House 1860
Jayne Mansfield died 1967
Katherine Hepburn died 2003
Mara Scherbatoff died 1956
Declan Mulholland died 1999


Derek Bentley born 1933
Blondin crossed Niagara 1859
Nancy Mitford died 1973
James Martin born 1972
Gone With the Wind published 1936
First Corvette built 1953
Nancy Mitford died 1973
Germans occupied the Channel Islands 1940
Mama Mia released 2008

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