Today in History: January

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What happened on this day in January?


Blanche Barrow born 1911
First edition of the Time of London published 1788
Victoria became the Empress of India 1877
Alcatraz became a federal prison 1934
J.D. Salinger born 1919
Maurice Chevalier died 1972
R.T. James born 1914
Constipate goldfish’s operation 2015
R. T James born 1914


Yorkshire Ripper arrested 1981
Robbie Gordon born 1969
Cuba Gooding Jr born 1968
Isaac Asimov born 1920
Leitzel born 1892

Today in history January




Michael Schumacher born 1969
Ray Milland born 1907
Kanga born 1948
Erik Larson born 1954
Thatcher became longest serving UK prime minister
Apple Computers incorporated


Augustus John born 1878
1958 Sputnik fell to earth
Donald Campbell died 1967
Edmund Hillary arrived at the South Pole 1958
Slim Gaillard born 1916
Poon Lim died 1991


Mr Ed TV debut 1961
Sonny Bono died 1998
Amelia Earhart declared dead 1939
Amy Johnson died 1941
Sam Philips born 1923


Rowan Atkinson born 1955
Henry VIII married Anne of Cleaves 1540
Dizzy Gillespie died 1993
Roy Gardner born 1884


Gerald Durrell born 1929
Lewis Hamilton born 1985
Nicholas Cage born 1964
Typewriter invented 1714
Catherine of Aragon died 1536
Butterfly McQueen born 1911
Rosemary Kennedy died 2005


William Hartnell born 1908
Elvis born 1935
Rationing began in the UK 1940
Prince Albert Victor born 1864
David Bowie born 1947


Catherine Middleton born 1982
iPhone unveiled 2007
Funeral of Lord Nelson 1806


Coco Chanel died 1971
45 rpm records introduced 1949
Louis le Prince patented moving pictures 1888
Rod Stewart born 1945
Prince Valdemar capsized 1926
Sal Mineo born 1939
Ray Bolger born 1904


Steve Emerson lied about the UK on TV 2015
Victor Noir died 1870
Sir Edmund Hillary died 2008
David Bowie died 2016


Agatha Christie died 1976
Roger Clark died 1998
Sandy Nininger died 1942
Ruth Snyder executed 1928
Heather Mills born 1968
David Mitchell born 1969
Bass Reeves died 1910


Maria di Villota born 1980
Mavynee Betsch born 1935
Lady Iris Mountbatten born 1920


Richard Briers born 1934
Fay Dunaway born 1941
Mark Addy born 1964
Allen Toussaint born 1938


Elizabeth I crowned 1559
Aristotle Onassis born 1906
Diana Barnato Walker born 1918
Mr Tambourine Man recorded by Dylan 1965


Louisa Durrell born 1886
Ethel Lang died 2015
Carole Lombard died 1942
Craig Johnson born 1961
James May born 1963
Peter Procter born 1930
Debbie Allen born 1950


Popeye‘s first comic strip 1929
Mia Tindall born 2014
Evelyn Nesbit died 1967
Al Capone born 1899
Sheila Van Damm born 1922
Richard Hawley born 1967


Cary Grant born 1904
Jane Horrocks born 1964
Charles Ponzi died 1949
Pedro Rodriguez born 1940
Prince John died 1919
Glen Frey died 2016


Tippi Hedren born 1930
Jenson Button born 1980
Zeppelins bombed Great Yarmouth 1915
Tin Man patented 1825
Carl Perkins died 1998


Tom Baker born 1934
Audrey Hepburn died 1993
George Burns born 1896
Matt Busby died 1994
Buzz Aldrin born 1930


Karl Wallenda born 1905
Christian Dior born 1905
George Harrison married Patti Boyd 1966
Ian McMillan born 1956
Dawn Langley Hall wed Jean Paul Simmons 1968
Colonel Tom Parker died 1977
George Orwell died 1950


John Belushi born 1949
Mike Hawthorn died 1959
Queen Victoria died 1901
John Hurt born 1940
DW Griffith born 1875
Nerissa Bowes Lyon died 1986
Porfirio Rubirosa born 1909


Princess Caroline born 1957
Queen Elizabeth became the oldest monarch 2015
Paul Robeson died 1976


Ade Edmondson born 1957
Nik Wallenda born 1979
Winston Churchill died 1965
Sharon Tate born 1943
Joss Hay murdered 1941

Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn 1553
Princess Vicki married Prince Frederick 1851
Antonio Carlos Jobim born 1927
Al Capone died 1947
Cilla Black married Bobby Willis 1969


India became a republic 1950
Bessie Coleman born 1892
Maria von Trapp born 1905
Demis Roussos died 2015
Lady Catherine Grey died 1568


Buster Edwards born 1931
Captain Edward Smith born 1850
Lewis Carroll  born 1832
Francis Drake died 1592
Apollo Fire 1967
Pete Seeger died 2014


Derek Bentley hanged 1953
Ronnie Scott born 1927
Frederick Delius born 1862
Tom Neal born 1914
Carrie Buck died 1983
Raymund de Trafford born 1900


George III died 1820
Thelma Furness died 1970
Barney Oldfield born 1878


Gerald Durrell died 1995
Wallenda pyramid fell 1962
Johnny Cradock died 1987
Phil Collins born 1951
Charles I beheaded 1649
Beatles rooftop concert 1969
Vanessa Redgrave born 1937
Maud Gonne met WB Yeats 1889


Beatrix of the Netherlands born 1938
Guy Fawkes hanged 1606
Frank Stranahan arrived at New River 1893




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